2018 Alignable Businessperson Of The Year!

2018 was a tough year for those living along the Emerald Coast, especially the Panama City Beach area. After Hurricane Michael devastated much of the area, many were wondering what next. Many lost their homes, or worse their lives! But through all the rubble there were some who held the belief that we as a community could rebuild bigger and better than before. 

Last year as a local businessperson I was invited to join a great business network - Alignable. Through this network, I have been able to reach a vast audience to share my knowledge and experience with others in my community, across Canada and the United States and beyond.

A national campaign through Alignable began last year searching to recognize businesses who were active and striving to do better within their communities. 

As a result, I was recognized and given the honor of being named "2018 Alignable Small Businessperson of the Year. I am very honored and proud to be a member of my community, and look forward to helping others in the Panama City Beach area develop an even stronger and more successful community. Alignable, 850strong 

Thank you to those who voted for me!




Golf Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the best golfing destinations in the world. Condolux is one of the premier agencies in the area to book your foursome with many of the local courses as well as some great accomodations. Here's a little about Condolux.

About CondoLux

CondoLux has been in business since 1986, providing vacation rentals, golf packages, and real estate sales to thousands of customers every year. We are a local company based in North Myrtle Beach instead of a corporate office hundreds of miles away. Our CondoLux reviews say it all! We are committed to providing the best experience for our customers and clients.
We offer over 300 Myrtle Beach condos and vacation villas for rental year-round. Our oceanfront and ocean view beach rentals are the best part of any beach vacation. Why rent any old hotel when you could enjoy the luxury of a condo or the privacy of a beach home? Book early—our Myrtle Beach condo rentals fill up fast!

Our real estate department has a wide selection of oceanfront condos, beach homes, and commercial lots. All of our listings are conveniently searchable by MLS, and our sales agents are ready to assist you in finding the perfect Myrtle Beach real estate.

We have a dedicated Myrtle Beach golf department for golf packages and tee time bookings. Let our expert golf director handle the hassle so you can relax and enjoy the best of Myrtle Beach's championship golf courses.

Owners, trust your condo or beach home to our professional rental management expertise! Don't let a fly-by-night operation put your bottom line in jeopardy with late payments and broken promises— CondoLux never pays late and is still going strong. Our strong internet presence means your property gets the maximum exposure.
 Visit their website to book your next golf vacation through Condolux.



Ted & Buck


Hit a Punch Shot

The Scenario:

You hit your pitching wedge pretty solid, but it takes your best swing to get close to the pin.

The Solution:

The longer the backswing, the less margin for error, yet most golfers make their club selection based on a full swing for the yardage at hand. This often can prove to be a big mistake, especially when you can get away with swinging a longer club a little shorter. Often referred to as a “Punch Shot”, this is a shotmaker's best friend, especially to an open green, or when faced with a stiff wind. Below are the steps to executing the shot properly as well as a yardage guide to help you select the right club, when you elect to make a punch-shot swing.

Step 1
Keep everything in your set-up generally the same, but stop your backswing when your hands reach chest high. Be sure you've hinged your wrists fully, with the clubhead high above your hands. From the top of your backswing, turn through the ball as normal.

Step 2
After impact, make sure to keep the clubhead low to the ground, this helps the ball fly at a lower trajectory, piercing the wind. Finishing low also reduces your chances of swiping across the ball and hitting a cut. If you select the proper club for the distance you're facing, you'll end up in great shape on the green.

Refer to the chart below to get a general idea of distances with various clubs.

Club               Full-Swing Distance         Punch-Swing Distance
7-iron                        165 yards                                      130 yards
8-iron                       150 yards                                       115 yards
9-iron                       135 yards                                       100 yards
PW                            125 yards                                       85 yards

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